Equipment Works


60 Weeks

Subcontract Value



Walthamstow E17

Description of Works:

Project consisted of 6 Blocks, A-F. Woodhurst Construction were employed to undertake labour, plant & materials (exc brick supply) for the construction of 337 nr flats for Telford Homes.

The project ran smoothly with the early completion of facework ahead of programme releasing the scaffold and crane striking dates saving the main contractor large overhead costs.

An intricate and detailed design with varying brick types, bonds & patterns, it was a challenging but intriguing project in order to get the aesthetics desired by the design team.

An interesting design feature showing a screw driver & wrench, part of the ‘Equipment’ Works were laid in pre cut & bonded bricks, laying by numbers with the  help of our off site brick cutters who designed the panels fully in CAD before delivering to site preboxed in 1m2 sections and laid brick by brick to ensure the men on site had a fool proof method to create such tight lines & mm perfect degrees in the circular parts of the design.

Pre-cast GRC panelling across the ground & 1st floor also supplied & installed by Woodhurst Construction make a perfect picture framing to the detailed brickwork visible at street level.