105 Weeks

Subcontract Value



Great Eastern Quays, Beckton.

Total Units


Description of Works:

Project consisted of 9 high rise tower blocks with 3 low level blocks of town houses, comprising a total of 468 Units.

Woodhurst Construction were employed to undertake mainly labour & sundry materials package on the scheme.

A large site & project with over 100nr Woodhurst Operatives working on it, the job was challenging in its construction due the design changing as the project evolved, meaning prompt reactions from the site team was needed to avoid any mistakes.

The key features of the large blocks was the introduction of large brick clad soffit systems hung from masonry supports, detailed with stack bonded masonry at slab levels to break the large tower blocks up to the eye.

The project is clearly visible from all flights landing in to City Airport, and:

  • Had a total square meterage of 21,500m2 or 1,290,000 bricks
  • Over 100,000 blocks
  • 5,500 LM of masonry support.
  • this is equivalent to the distance of Buckingham Palace to Shoreditch.