We cover a wide range of solutions within the brickwork world, below are some further details.


With architectural focus shifting in recent years away from cladding and back to Bricks & Mortar, the importance of quality of works has never been higher.

Woodhurst Cosntruction are a family ran business with over 40 years’ experience in bricklaying. Director Kevin Bailey takes immense pride in the final product given to the client once handed over on all projects, and also the day to day progress at a site level.

We understand fully the importance of speed of construction, and with a large work force & highly knowledgeable management team can deliver projects on time without compromising Health & Safety which is paramount. 

Stone Work & GRC 

Working closely with key suppliers across the UK we are able to design, supply & install all types of both traditional stonework and GRC products, a feature that is becoming more and more prominent especially within high rise residential plots.

Masonry Support

With the ever increasing number of large blocks of high rise residential living spaces Masonry Support has become a trade within itself, and one that we have dedicated staff to get over any challenge.

Working closely with the largest Masonry Support manufacturers, we are able to engage with them at the earliest stages of the project to ensure no hiccups or clashes occur at a site level, speeding up both the design and construction process.

The introduction of brick clad soffit systems is prevalent in the south east, and with a wealth of experience in this sector, no design is too large or too complicated to be achieved.


With a fully certificated team of in house bricklayer scaffolders we are able to install our own Layher Scaffolding system ahead of our own works meaning an unrivalled speed of construction for all works up to 6m high and in particular large block work projects. The ability to fully manage the work load ahead without the need for a second trade ahead of us


We own a fleet of forklifts and like to be fully self sufficient on a site level to ensure that materials are always where they need to be . . . in the hands of our brick layers. Our team of experienced operators ensures this happens on all projects, even where space is a premium and are available to hire all year round.

Why clients choose us

Not just an average brickwork company

We pride ourselves on our workmanship and dedication to completing projects on time and within budget. Our expert team work closely with you at all stages of the project to ensure all parties are happy.


Exceptional finishes carried out by our expert in house team

Fully Qualified

We are proud of our accreditations given by the leading providers

On Time

We work closely with clients to ensure projects are delivered on time

On Budget

We understand the need to give a realistic price and stick to it.