Thank you email from Project Manager at Bouygues

Hi Guys,

Long time since we speak and hope you are well.

As you are already aware, I am leaving UK but not BOUYGUES and today is my last day of work.

I would like to take the opportunity of this email to personally thank you for the work we have done together. It has been a very challenging site, with lots of new approach for me as the first time working in the UK system, but definitely a great pleasure to meet you.
I have enjoyed all moments spent with you, your professional approach as well as your personal thinking.
I really hope that you will success with your company and with BY as a partner because I sincerely believe that you deserve it.

The world is big but the construction industry not that much so it is a see you later rather than a definitive goodbye and who knows, our path might cross again.

Please extent this good bye notes to Lee and Darren.

Good luck and see you later!

Guillaume SIMON
Project Manager
London South East
M.+44 7917 824038
| 4 Silvertown Way | London | E16 1EA